Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Blog!

Hey Ladies,

I want to let you ladies that I have switched to wordpress, and I want you all to join me there! Here is my NEW blog:

See you there!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Make St. Patricks day a BLAST with these ideas

Whether you have a St. Patty's day party, or not. You can have a lot of fun with these craft ideas. St. Patty's day is one of my favorite day's of the year (not just because of the GREEN beer). I just love that its one of the HAPPIEST days of the year. You can literally walk down the street seeing everyone in green, and a smile on their face! So have a blast on St. Patty's day with some of these ideas!!!

This punch is any of your favorite clear soda with lime sherbert!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Full figured ladies are making a STATEMENT in March

OK, full figured ladies keep your eyes peeled of March issues of Vogue, and Elle (France). Adele graces the cover of Vogue looking just stunning. She opens up about her life-changing year! So keep a lookout for this March issue of Vogue!

Also, keep an eye out for this April issue of ELLE (France) . To see  features plus size model Tara Lynn on the cover and in a twenty-page-long editorial, for the magazine's first celebration of women who are ronde.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

NEW! OPI Nicki Manaj Colors

 I have to give it to OPI, and Nicki Minaj for coming up with such amazing colors!!! Although these colors are not for everyone, but I LOVE them. Two coats are needed to achieve the true color pay off. These mini nail lacquers retail for $14.00 and can be purchased at Ulta, Sephora, or any  professional beauty supply. I highly recommend these nail laquers the colors are AMAZING. 

 This color is called Metallis 4 Life, it's a stunning rainbow sparkle stick like glitter. It would look best over another color, To really make it pop put it over silver polish.

This is called Pink Friday, it's a pretty girly  bubblegum pink color. This will be amazing for spring.

This is called Fly, My favorite, I LOVE this gorgeous aqua. It's amazing I got SO many compliments on my nails when I was wearing this color. Make sure you use a base coat with this color, because I will stain your nails! 

And last but not least is, Did It On 'Em. This color has stirred up quite the controversy. My people have been turned off to this mini collection because of this color. I will say this color might not be for everyone, but I'm rockin it!! It look amazing on my dark skin. I think it's stunning!! Great Job!!!

I LOVE this OPI Nicki Minaj Collection, I LOVE the names that they came up with. These are NOT all the the colors, so make sure you go check this collection out you will NOT be dissapointed!!

Tawny xo!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wet n Wild MegaShield Lipcolors with SPF 15 Review & Swatches

While I was at Walgreen's, I spotted these NEW WetN Wild MegaShield Lipcolors  with SPF 15.  I was instantly drawn to these lipstick, because of the color range. So I purchased all six. These lipsticks were $1.99 retail, but I found a sweet deal on these, they each had a $1 off coupon on them, making then $.99 each! Sweet Steal!!

Ok, so if your not familiar with Wet N Wild products you have to get familiar, honey! These lipcolors are SO pigmented. The color payoff is AMAZING.  I purchased a six of the new colors, and they are as follows. Birthday Suit, Peacky Keen, Pink Champagne, Lolly Popstar, It's a Girl,and Salsa Lessons. All of the colors are VERY pigmented, and hey for $.99 I'm hooked!

 These lipcolors are not sticky, I find them to glide on very smooth. They are not drying in the least bit, In fact I find them to be some what moisturizing. I LOVE that they have SPF 15, but they photograph AMAZING.  I didn't have any problems with any abnormal fading, I was out all night having drinks with my girlfriends, and only had to re apply a few times. 

I am thoroughly impress with these Wet N Wild MegaShield lipcolor with SPF 15.  They are super easy to apply, the packaging isn't to fancy, but sleek. The color payoff is AMAZING, and for the price of $1.99 you cant beat it. I highly recommend these MegaShield  lipcolors. 

Happy Shopping xo,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wow!!! Coach duffle bag for $99

This is an AMAZING deal!!! But, it's only for a limited time only, and ONLY available at an Outlet store! Go here to find a store near you.